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Welcome to my part of the Ruse.. I kept the general feel the same as the rest of the Ruse cause I'm far too lazy to come up with a seperate one. I hope you don't mind. Let's see... here's a bunch of crap to amuse you that I didn't think belongs in the Ruse's general stock. But what does?

The Brown Clown..
I used to be president of a
clown outsourcing company.
El Paso
Read about my problems in the
New West.

Away 609
My away message at work turned
into some tales about my four
legged friend.
I'm Blind
Seriously, I'm blind. Read
about what my life is like.

Other Stuff
Some other stuff that's not supposed
to be funny, and is not supposed to
be on this site, I suppose. Suppose.

Away 333
When I go home to the bayou
bad things always happen.
The Hippie Rapist
Hippies don't rape people.
Hippies don't rape people!
Reasons for things you don't
understand and that I shouldn't
be telling you about.

The Laughter of the
Brown Clown

The continuing chronicles of
my dull friend.
mint red
Don't forget the mint red.