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Welcome, welcome, welcome, to my all-new, slightly better, officially liscenced web-site. Thanks to this really great HTML reference site, along with a nice little HTML reference book called HTML in Plain English, I have sort of received an actual education in HTML instead of just stealing source codes. In any event, I hope my site is now a bit more readable, less tedious, etcetera. But enough with the appologizing crap. I'll bet you'ld like to know what's on this site, huh? Well why don't you just look and find out stupid! Honestly, some people are just morons.

You know, alot of people have sent me letters asking what I'm like in real life. Well, actually, nobody sent me any letters saying that. In fact, nobody has sent me any letters at all. But if they had, I'm sure that's what they'd have said. Anyhoo, In regards to this, I've decided to make a special section devoted to telling you more about my life and stuff. So go here and learn about the man behind the myth.

I'm also now an official member of the DNRC (Dogbert's New Ruling Class) This fine organization is dedicated to things like cleaning up the community, helping out at homeless shelters, and taking over the world. Mostly the taking over the world part. We always welcome new members, so join now and avoid the fate of the rest of the "in-duh-viduals" when we take over the world and make you our servants.

Hey Stupid!

I'll bet that got your attention. Anyway, why don't you:

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