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Roger Waters

Roger Waters at Jones Beach Ampitheatre - 8.7.1999

Scott's Review

Once, Roger Waters had a lot of gay sex in the late '70s and then he wrote a lot of music pertaining to it. Then, much later, he played it for us. It was grand ,=--

Vivís Review

Iím sure there was a lot of gay sex going on in the late Ď70s. Isnít that some terrible form of torture? Like 1984, but worse.

So where was I? Seventies.. gay rats.. ah yes, Roger Waters. Honestly, I have no way of knowing what his music really is about, but it seems to involve a lot of mourning his father and predicting the doom of humankind. Always a cheery topic, always entertaining, always makes for a good show- which is what this concert turned out to be. A grand concert indeed, the applause going not only to Watersí performance.