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Scott on Graham Norton!
2004.Jul.13, NYC - I got a few tickets to the Graham Norton Effect (which has been airing in 2004 on Comedy Central, in case this page gets way outdated like the rest of this website). When I signed up for the tix, they sent me and everyone in my party an email of questions, mostly about embarassing things that happened. Then at the show they gave us a sheet of similar questions to fill out.

Needless to say, I wrote my "embarassing experience in public" story down and handed it in, and this is the result.

I appear at the very end of this capture, but I left some intro in so you know what the hell is going on, and why I said that.

Graham Norton Logo
The show.
The interview
Norton asking me things.
Norton goes ewe
Norton reacting in a disgusted manner to my story.
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