The Ordering of The Pizza

Were waiting to take our midterms so we couldn't drink anything, but we needed a ruse anyway. And so Dave, with his inexstinguishable hunger, decided the we should order numerous pies from Dominos. And so we did. But the pizza man made a terrible mistake. He didn't make the pie pepperoni!

Instantaneously Dave was calling Dominos. They can't screw with his fucking pizza. So he ordered them, "bring another pie".

And the ruse arose: What to do with a pizza that you know will be delivered to someone else or consumed by the giant fat pizza man himself?!

I am not exaggerating, for this is what truly occured. This note was put under the pizza for their information. All of what is in the letter we actually did, so take it seriously for a moment:

Dear Pizza Man,

Thank you for so graciously exchanging pizzas with us. Unfortunately, if you have just consumed this pizza I am very sorry for you. You see, there was a note in each slice with part of the recipe to the anedote -- the anedote to the poison that you have just consumed. Of course, by consuming the poison you also had to consume the recipe for the anecdote.

A Hah Hah Hah A Hah Hah Hah A Hah Hah Hah

Bing, stop that! Bing, stop that! Bing, stop that! Bing, stop that!

And so you see, they were quite screwed, and we were quite interested in finding out what had happened. Later we decide that it would be in our best interest to harass Dominos:

"Bring, bring, bring, ... Hello, Dominos, would you like some of our terrible pizza?"

"Ha ha ha, READ THE PIZZA!!"



And so we harassed them many a time but to no avail. And so the story goes..


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