The Ruse Of Alex's Computer

The following is the ruse of Alex's computer:

One day Alex called up Dave, and Paul and Scott were there too. He was in dismay about his computer. You see, he had bought a previous computer, but had ruined it because he had stupidly spray painted it. So he bought another computer, an IBM Aptiva to be precise, and he decided, "Hey! why not try painting again this time?" He did, but this time the computer did not explode, or break, or anything.

So anyhow, Alex wanted to buy more RAM for his computer. He ambled on down to CompUSA to buy it. However, he had invalidated his warrantee because he had spray painted his machine so all the guy could do was to give him the RAM and tell him how to install it.

According to Alex, the guy at CompUSA told his to solder the RAM to his hard drive. So Alex, in his infite wisdom, goes home, takes his trusty soddering iron, and proceeds to solder the RAM to the hard disk, in the process melting the plastic components of the RAM chip and fracturing the Pentium CPU.

This is what he tells Dave and Scott when he calls. Of course we were laughing our asses off, thinking two things: (1) He's probably lying, and (2) if he's not lying, he is the stupidest mother fucker on the planet. He still wants to know if we can fix it, but obviously we can't if it has no RAM and the CPU is busted.

Note to Alex: The computer has a fan so it doesn't overheat. A SOLDERING IRON doesn't exactly keep it cool. Retard.

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