An ode to this guy's grandmother...

"Please Deliver the package that
  is needed.  We are inside
Just ring the doorbell, thank
  This guy was expecting a package to arrive via UPS or something, so his grandmother put that note on the door. It was there for like 5 days, and eventually the package was delivered, but it wasn't needed anymore cuz it was too late. Now, I'm no postman, but as far as I know those delivery guys are all about delivering needed packages and ringing the bell when they get there. You don't usually need to tell them how to do their job.  

Vijay Rani
are come
Delta Airlines
They will come
out. something
  I really dont remember how airports work, cuz i haven't flown like, yesterday, but as I recall, people usually come out. Also, my plane usually reaches someplace, or I'm well screwed.