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The Japanese Navy
This is a real ad for the Japanese Maritime Defense Force.
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What more can be said? Clearly they are a big fan of their Seamen Ship. I think even fruity Japanese gays would be un-impressed by this, and would not join the Navy. They would probably come to America and join our Navy, because at least the rampant butt-fucking doesn't come with all that baggage of singing and dancing.

If there is a single Japanese person in all the world who was at one time unsure if joining their Maritime Defense Force was a good idea, but immediately went to the ostentatiously queer recruiting station upon seeing this video and signed up, then they should email me and tell me how their equivalent loves of ballet, boats, and butt-fucking led them down the path they chose.

If America were ever to become Japan's enemy yet again, I'm certain we would lose.

Although the blatantly homosexually decorated ships would undoubtedly be visible long before they could reach Pearl Harbor, the American Navy would be stricken and rendered useless from laughter. By the time our own forces could recover, it would be too late. The faggotry of Japan's Navy would be upon us, stuffing our guns with wildflowers and silk scarves and replacing our grand old stars and stripes with some gaudy Louis Vouton number. No longer would we be known accross the world as the US, but instead as the LV, for LV would be imprinted repetatively accross all our flags, monies, and historical documents.

The point here being, how gay was that commercial??


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