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What People Have Said About
The Daily Ruse

The English Policeman Without Medical Bag says: "It's illegal in England not to think the Daily Ruse is of great humor, old chap!" while the English Policeman With Medical Bag stands idly by.

The Canadian Mounty asks The Canadian Hockey Player: "Ay?"
The Canadian Hockey Player replies to The Canadian Mounty: "Ay."

The Gambling Optometrist says: "My luck has run out."

The Prime Minister of Gabon greets the Chinese Explorer: "Welcome to Gabon!"

The Train Engineer in the Kiddie Train says: "Please kill me."

The Fireman With the Short Nozzle and The Fireman With the Well Endowed Nozzle agree: "Nothing beats the Daily Ruse."

The German Crossing Guard says to The German Running Guy: "No!"
The German Running Guy replies: "Talk to mein hand!"

The Identical Mailmen With Identical Letters say nothing.

The French Boy Carrying the Arab Man With Sign both nod and say: "Hats off to the Daily Ruse!"

The Town Crier heralds: "The mysterious unit is A Slug!"

The Gay French Painter forewarns the Oversized Baby: "Don't mess yourself! Zen it will be more troubal for your mere and pere, non? Ah hohn hohn hohn!"

Thirty Helens agree: "Helen should not be wearing judicial robes!"

The Eskimo With the Brown Spear Head disagrees vociferously with The Eskimo With the Gray Spear Head as to which is better for stabbing fish.

The Village Idiot is of great desire.

Oversized Balloon Head Man says to Hybrid Squirrel Monkey Bear: "Shit, this can't be good."

And The Rabbit makes out with The Horny Business man.

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