Check you out!
You found the random dot! You're the man.

Once upon a time I found some crap lying on the street. It was exactly like that song "Detachable Penis". I found some penis lying on a blanket in the city. The village to be precise, but not too. We were on the way to find the MYSTEROUS BOOKSHOP! It is a weird shop, but sometimes it randomly disappears.
Anyway, the penis was with some other nonsense, and it only cost me 50 bills all together. (Good thing they were japanese yen bills, and I really only gave him like .9 cents in american money.) What do I do with the new schlong? Ah-HA! I attached it to the foward part of the subway car, and made it stick out. Now, all I needed was a "matching end", eh? Mucus? Well, I yelled "I need some pussy for my subway train!" The train had already departed, so no one knew what I was talking about. One man shoved a 5 spot into my hand, saying "buy some food man". Another guy looked at me weird. Most others agreed that they needed pussy too. They had no idea of my angst; my NEED for a subway baby train.

Then, suddenly:

"No one messes with my money train!" DAMN! It was that guy from the crappy movie Money Train! You know, the one who does dead people. So? Well, for one he was brandishing the detachable penis! For two, he had a giant... you guessed it... in his other hand! Then, I ran! I didn't realize it was the money train i had used, so i ran ran ran ran ran ran! I knew I was tripping! Well, so I came to about 8 hours later, or so my friends told me, and I drank some VODKA. Then life was good.