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Truckadelic and Bellmont Playboys at Rodeo Bar - 09.04.99

It was the third day that we had been back at school and a big group of us decided to go down to the Rodeo Bar to hear some rocking Rockabilly music. Sean drove us down there in no time, mainly due to Eugene's great effort in impressing traffic (Nobody fucks with The Impressor). Also, I never knew it was legal to make a left turn from the far right lane. City driving is very scary.

Upon entering the bar it became glaringly apparent that we did not belong. Most people were wearing shirts with red flames and other apparrel useful for herding cows. We settled into a nice corner back from the stage where we were certain no one would pick on us. Since the band was taking forever to start, we checked out the decorum of the place. Dead stuffed corpses of animals as big as Buffalos strued the walls and the bar was made from a converted bus.

Truckadelic was incredible(ly drunk). Their music and choreographed dancing really moved me. The lead singer had a sweet hat with a mini toy alligator head stuck on top. At one point he ran into the guitarist who knocked off his glasses and then stepped on them. Although he played the rest of the show blind, he still gave a stirring rendition of their hit "Secret Handshake" whose lyrics are as follows: "I want to eat your pancakes, I want to secret handshake, I want to sleep all day and not get up to pee." If everyone followed his example the world would be a better place. After telling a rousing story about how they insulted the statue of General Sherman in Central Park (Fuck General Sherman!!), the bar refused to give them more drinks and they left the stage.

Everyone went upstairs to look at the biker porn magazines but me and Tina went to purchase their merchandise. I got the truckadelic shirt, cd and bumpersticker. In a moment of antitact, I declared (rather loudly, numerous times) to Tina that I wouldn't mind being a 'hick', it didn't seem that bad at all. A couple of stupid hicks gave us dirty looks so we went upstairs to look at the porn magazines also, which had been stolen by The Impressor who had to use the facilities.

By the time The Bellmont Playboys came on we were all tired and decided to go home after a few songs. But I ensure you that The Bellmont Playboys are awesome and you should see them. I've seen them before and it truly is spectacular. Unfortunately they wrote the opening song to that retarded show 'King of the Hill.' On the way back we saw a couple of whores and The Impressor did his thing.

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