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The One and Only Completely
Intellectual Professor Kat reports..
Some Truckadelic

Superfest at Floral Park, Long Island - 07.31.99

Ruby bugged me about Superfest for weeks on end, so I figured, "Hey, why not?" After all, I should support the local ska scene, right? So, I in turn annoyed the hell out of Sarah and Leslie to go with me. Sarah ended up driving for reasons which will remain unknown for the time being.

Ruby's the trumpet player ultra-hip Long Island ska band Step Lively (signed by Triple Crown Records), and we thought we should at least see them perform. I was ultra-psyched to see the Pilfers. I mean, where else could you pay 10 bucks to see a shitload of ska/punk bands? Only in Long Island folks. So it took us about 35 minutes to get there (Sarah was scared as hell driving the minivan on the LIE), and we thought we arrived fairly fashionably late. We had missed about 4 or so bands (I think Arrogant Sons of Bitches was the first act), but had made it just in time to see Step Lively. Mark, the lead singer, definitely ran out of gas after the first couple of songs, but I think he was just worn out. Hey, it happens, you know? The crowd was definitely into them though, bopping and skanking like the pretentious Long Island asshole-teenagers they are. Step Lively performed most of their newer songs from their first full-length release entitled "The Trigger Effect."

So, anyway, after their performance, Sarah, Leslie, and I just roamed like the bored college students we were. Ruby was busy with his thing (aka packing his shit) and Rebecca and Erica were selling Step Lively merch. so there we were. Ugh. How fuckin' annoying. It was gonna be another half an hour before the Pilfers were up. I tried passing time by flirting with some random dumb boys, one of which was very responsive and begged for my attention by going down on both knees. Sweet. I love being a chick. Sarah threw me a few dirty looks, and off went the boy. Ruby eventually came to chill with us and took us backstage. We went outside to grab some fresh air (which was desperately needed due to the lack of ventilation in that smelly gymnasium) and ran into Jay, Step Lively's keyboard player. I, of course, was very interested in him, but got no positive feedback. Boys suck. He did talk to my friends for awhile.

The Pilfers were then up next and started their set on the mainstage, but the sound system blew (god bless Superfest), so they moved to the smaller stage in the OLV cafeteria. I said, "Fuck it, it's so damn hot in here...I want out." I had had enough! So, we trek outside to the parking lot and watch the Pilfers through the window. Let me see...all I can say was, I didn't really pay attention to the set that much. I was all set on trying to get Jay's attention and making sure Sarah didn't hook up with a complete loser. Neither of which happened. Well, Jay and I exchanged about 3 words and Sarah did hook up with someone, who wasn't a loser. Actually, a really hot guy...I think it was Jamie of The Stereo. Not too shabby.

Edna's Goldfish was the last band to perform. This was understandable since Gary Henderson, the trumpet player of Edna's, was the one who organized this whole shindig. They played their staples, including "Veronica Sawyer" which they were also taping the music video for that same day. I'm in it, so guess which one I am!!! I will never tell. Look for it on MTV folks. Edna's got the crowd all rowled up and let me tell you, I haven't sweat like that in awhile! Man, kids and bodies were flying everywhere! I could've sworn I saw one chick flash her boobs to the band. Kooky kats.

After the show, Ruby invited us to go to this party at one of the Goldfish's houses, so of course we accepted. Beer, boys, and music...what could be better? Unfortunately, I drove Sarah's minivan there with the parking brake on, but that's another story which I do not feel like delving into at the moment. Let's just say that the party wasn't a bust or anything, we met a bunch of musicians who are just like the rest of us (completely normal and bitter), and it all started with Superfest. Rock on Long Island.

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