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As reported by a cold and
damp Professor Kat..
Step Lively

Step Lively, Big D and the Kids Table, Professor Plum, and Standpipe Siamese at CBGB's - 10.17.99

This was the first time I had ever driven my car in Manhattan...oh gosh! How nerve-wracking!!! Anyway, Jackie (Mark's sister) and I made it to CBGB's safely and parked just around the corner. We hit the town and went shopping while waiting for Step Lively to arrive, but when we returned to CBGB's around 7, they weren't there...boohoo... Boys will be boys I guess. Jackie suggested we get something to eat, well, actually, she said, "I am starving!!! We gotta eat now!" I suggested the Astor Restaurant across the street, and after our Cappuccino Cake (so yummy!), Jackie spied Step Lively unpacking their stuff in front of the venue. Her cute face just lit up, and we ran back to greet them.

Upon entering CBGB's, I wrinkled my nose. It is definitely a dive. But a dive chock-ful of history. Calling all you East Side punks!!! :) It definitely reeks with sweaty, smelly rock. Neat... On the right side was a long bar with some old-looking fogies drinking Rolling Rocks, and I noticed some wistful teenagers staring at the bar probably thinking, "Damn, why aren't I 21???" Wait your turn babies.

The first band was Standpipe Siamese, and I could've sworn that they were only 16 years old, but they impressed me nonetheless. To tell the truth, I don't remember any of their songs, but I do know that I had a blast listening to them. They got the crowd (mostly consisting of teenagers obsessed with ska) totally revved up...good job boys!

I had heard of the second band, Professor Plum, but had never seen them live. Step Lively Superfan, Rebecca, ran up to me, pulled me by the right hand, and led me to front of the stage...way too energetic for me, but I guess I could deal. Bob, the singer of Prof. Plum, looks like this guy that I had a huge crush on freshman year of college...(sigh)... But unlike my crush, Bob is actually really nice...thanks for introducing me Becca! :) Prof. Plum was great, and again, another crowd-pleaser. Try to catch one of their shows. You will definitely be satisfied.

Step Lively was up next, and I was stuck at the merchandise table (again). Oh well...I suppose it could be worse. At least I am always guaranteed a seat. :) The boys started with "Parker's Last Stand," a big surprise on my part, because I have seen them perform numerous times, and never have I seem them start with that. Also, Mike (Ruby), the trumpet player, was missing in action due to the fact that he thought he had insefilitis because he was attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes in the one area of Long Island not sprayed. Good job hun. I noticed that the boys were definitely under the weather, but despite this setback, they played very well. I was impressed, as I usually am. And I am thrilled to say that I sold their new CD, "The Trigger Effect," to both Japanese and Swedish tourists...rad...

I barely heard Big D and the Kids Table, because I was just way too tired and my eyes started madly tearing due to the huge amounts of smoke swirling around the kids. So I stood under the awning with some friends and just waited around till the show was over. I hate rain, I really do. Well, unless I am sitting indoors and am warm and toasty. Damn, I have psych in 15 minutes...ugh. I think I'll just sleep instead... But I'll sign off with "Great show, great job, see ya soon..."

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